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Our services

All services are provided in English if you so wish.

Whether you have already purchased a plot of land or a property, or require further information in order to make an informed decision on a property, we would be happy to help you by providing you with a free estimate or a chargeable detailed study. Our aim is to bring you some peace of mind by giving you the opportunity to make an educated decision when dealing with your project.

Estimates :

  • Free estimate for your construction or restoration or conversion project. This estimate provides you with an idea of overall costs.
  • Chargeable technical advice and analysis, including a detailed study of your project, allowing you to have a clear idea of what time-line and budget are necessary to complete the project to your satisfaction whether you choose to use our company or not.

Blanc & Blanc
Project Management :

  • Conception and first phase
    1. Assistance and follow-up of the concept designs, as for the realization of the plans, and the building permit application. The concept designs and plans are of course realized by our state approved architects.
    2. Assistance and follow-up of the soil survey and reinforced concrete study if necessary.
    3. Assistance in establishment of the general specifications of the contract.
    4. Consultation with contractors.
    5. Verification that the consultations are in accordance with the general specifications.
    6. Assistance in the signing of contracts between contractors and the client.
    7. Establishment of the construction schedule.
  • Realization of construction works
    1. Verification and control of construction works in accordance with the schedule.
    2. Verification that construction works are in compliance with the general specifications of the contract.
    3. Organization of construction site meetings followed by meeting reports and photographs of work advancement for the client.
    4. Control and follow-up of possible amendments as per the general specifications in the contract.
    5. Monthly verification that contractors’ and tradesmen estimates and invoices tally before submission of monthly report to client.
  • Final delivery of project
    1. Organization of provisional acceptance meeting, taking official note of possible reservations.
    2. Organization of final acceptance meeting after lifting of any reservations.
    3. Final verification of the overall project balance.

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